Toondoo – Reading Activity


Target Age : Elementary school students                                                                             Target Level : Pre-Intermediate                                                                                             Topic :”I want to have ……”                                                                     Objective :Students are able to learn how to use the phrase “I want to have…..”          How to do this activity Click here  : Toondoo                                                                    <Pre-reading>                                                                                                                          – Ask students what they want to do on the Christmas.                                                          – Teach ” I want to …..” to students.                                                                           <Reading>                                                                                                                             – Let students read the cartoon (1st reading)                                                                             : Ask students what they can see in the cartoons.                                                                 – Let students read the cartoon once again (2nd reading)                                                         : Ask students what bears want to have in the cartoons.                                                         <Post-reading>                                                                                                                       – Let students share their opinions with other students using “I want to have …..”                  Aim :                                                                                                                                        This activity is aimed to improve students’ reading ability. The activity during post-    listening period is aimed to make students use the terms they learn from reading.            *NOTE : It is important to make students read the cartoons several times. Teachers have to make students use the phrase “I want to have ….. ” when they share their opinions. Therefore, it is recommended to follow “How to do this activity”.

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Bombay TV Activity


Target Age : Upper elementary school students to early middle school students                 Target Level : Intermediate                                                                                                     Topic : “Why are they happy?”                                                                                                 Objective : Students are not only able to understand what’s going on in the clip but also                         able to answer the questions by seeing subtitles.                                        How to do this activity Click here :  Bombay TV                                                               Let students watch the clip first.                                                                                        After watching the clip, let’s answer the questions right below.                                              (1) What are they talking about?                                                                                            (2) Who won the lottery?                                                                                                      (3) When did he hit the lottery?                                                                                            (4) Who gave those lucky numbers?                                                                                    (5) Where are they heading to at the end of the clip?                                                         After answering the questions: let students have chance to check their answers with their partners. Later, the teacher gave correct answers.                                                               *Note : Before watching the clip, a teacher briefly introduces about the clip that students are going to watch. For example, “two guys are seen in the short clip. One is visiting the other to talk something. Both of them seem very happy because they are smiling all the time. Let’s figure out why they are so happy.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I worked with

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Word Clouds



<Frequently used words in my journal>

 1. factor   —   element

2. learn    —   study

3. ability  —   competency

4. adult    —   a grown-up person

5. speak   —   say

6. constraint   —   restraint

7. many   —   a lot of

8. improve    —   elevate

9. important   —   principal

10. related   —   relevant

SKKU TESOL Promotion Poster


SKKU TESOL Promotion Poster

Purpose: The poster that we create is for promoting TESOL program in SKKU.

Description :

– Deign and Layout: We arranged the picture having multinational students with letter TESOL at the top left. It directly represents the poster is about TESOL. Also, it conveys the meaning of TESOL which connotes teaching English to other people whose mother tongue is not English.

We also use a word “LEARN” at the bottom of the poster. We chose colorful letters which colors go match with the other picture at the top left “TESOL”. Also, the word, LEARN elicit people who are pre-teachers to learn to become real teachers.

We also used SKKU seals to organize/arrange all information. The purpose of using SKKU seals everywhere is to let people know the program is provided by SKKU.

– Theme: Overall, theme is LEARN to become a teacher teaching English for speakers of other language.

– Information: We put information about contacts and all important dates. In addition to, we put requirements for applying. Also, we briefly wrote course descriptions so that people can have a gist on what kinds of subjects are taught by.

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Goanimate : Listening Activity


Target Age : Middle School Students ~ High School Students                                               Target Level : Intermediate                                                                                                     Topic :Debate about “Influences of TV”                                                                         Objective :Students are able to learn and use the terms frequently used in debate setting How to do this activity Click here  : Goanimate                                                                     <Pre-listening>                                                                                                                          – Teach some critical words to students.                                                                                – Make students guess the topic of listening.                                                                            <Listening>                                                                                                                             – Let students listen to the movie clip (1st listening): after 1st listening, a teacher asks  what’s the topic in the clip                                                                                                       – Let students listen the clip once again (2nd listening): this time, the teacher asks some of specific questions regarding materials in the clip                                                                    – Let students have one more chance to listen the clip so that they can not only check the answers but also comprehend full information                                                              <Post-listening>                                                                                                                      – Ask students about their opinion about influences of TV in their lives                                    – Also, the teacher can have continuous debate in the class                                                  Aim :                                                                                                                                        This activity is aimed to improve students’ listening ability. The activity during post-    listening period is aimed to make students use the terms they learn from listening.             *NOTE : It is important to make students listen to the clip several times. It is not recommended for teachers to ask specific questions at the first time because it may cause students to be depressed and stressed. Also it may cause students not to concentrate on the 2nd and 3rd listening. Therefore, it is recommended to follow “How to do this activity”.

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